Social Media Repeaters

I want to treat my social media accounts as “repeaters”. They spread the word to different corners of the internet.

I previously shared a bit about my automation workflow.

In my current workflow, I’m using webhooks with to send posts to Buffer. This is great for LinkedIn, X/Twitter, and Facebook Pages. Unfortunately, Meta makes it pretty rough for folks to post to personal Facebook profiles, Instagram, or Threads via API. As far as I can tell, these all require some sort of manual intervention.

Why webhooks? So I can post the content programatically. (Right now from a Jupyter notebook inside the same repo as this website, which I run in Cursor because I suck at programming and I am eagerly awaiting my AI overlords.)

Why IFTTT sucks. Zapier is expensive.

Why Buffer?

  1. So I don’t have to deal with the API’s of each platform.
  2. So I can schedule posts without setting up cron jobs or intricate automation workflows.
  3. So I can preview/schedule/share posts without actually logging into any of the platforms. (I might never come back if I do that.)

I used to be a big fan of Buffer, but they seem to have completely stopped listening to their users. To their credit, I think the social media apps make their lives pretty miserable.

When I find the time I’ll come up with a better solution. Let me know if you have any ideas.