Here are some lessons learned from today’s attempts into social media automation workflows:

  • When soliciting creative input from Language Learning Models (LLMs), consider asking for more than four variations. This is particularly useful if the workflow involves human selection at some point. (It makes sense that most of the generative image tools do it this way.)

  • I’ve decided to move away from IFTTT as it no longer serves my needs. I’ve transitioned to using Postman for simple webhooks and for more intricate routing.

  • Currently, I’m utilizing Buffer. However, they’ve ceased the addition of new apps to their API, forcing me to use Make > Buffer. In the future, I might consider posting directly to social media via the individual platform APIs. This is especially feasible with function calling and having LLMs write the function calls for me. I’m finding that API-replacement apps like Zapier,, and IFTTT are becoming more of a hassle than they’re worth.

  • A significant time-saving tip: use GPT-4 to generate regex patterns for you.