Today I had a “holy shit” AI moment. (Which has been happening quite frequently.)

Corrie Who Writes turned me onto this plugin for Google Sheets called GPT for Sheets™ and Docs™.

Basically, it adds a bunch of functions to Sheets that help interface with OpenAI (in both directions). Every cell can run it’s own API call (in parallel). You can reference other cells. Combine, list, split, it’s really nuts.

If LLMs weren’t already capable of generating more text than anyone could possibly read or use, this really seals the deal. Quantity: Check ✅. See below for about 20 question and answer pairs generated using this plugin in under 1 minute, from my initial input of just 4 questions (and no answers).

Q&A Pairs, as far as the eye can see.

Quality: In Progress ⌛. This is more work. Especially if there is too much content to have a human editor. Stay tuned. 📻