LLM Ensembles - A Preview

I’m developing some ideas around using ensembles of LLMs for specific tasks. Today I’m sharing a preview of the first “trivial” example, which is the foundation of linking arrays of LLMs to the concept of ensembles from statistical mechanics.

In this example, an ensemble of LLMs are called with the same prompt, but “high” temperature (of 0.99). There is a “prompt” and a “grading criteria” that are used to create the full prompt.

LLM Ensembles - Trivial Example

The only variance is the from the “temperature”, which you can see doesn’t result in much variety.

High Temperature, Fixed Prompt

Then the “judge” is asked to rank the results, based on the grading criteria, with the judge having a low temperature (0.1):

Judge Prompt

The output is not impressive. But from here we can start to build up to more interesting examples.

Much more to come on this topic. Stay tuned. 📻