pSai and Resina

Today, we released two new AI chat bots that we have been building at polySpectra: pSai & Resina. Here’s the announcement post.

pSai is trained on all of polySpectra’s technical product information. We’re now using it as an AI-augmented search function, for the entire website. I wrote about my initial experience building pSai here.

Resina is a much more challenging project. Our goal is to train it on all of resin 3D printing. This will be pretty hard. Resina is accessible at

Only a couple hours after emailing our list, we already have a volume of un-answered (or poorly-answered) questions that would be pretty overwhelming for a lowly human to try to respond to on their own. I’m excited by the challenge to figure out a scalable system from the start.

We’re refining a setup where Resina learns a bit more every night. So, even if it can’t answer a certain question today, the hope is that it’ll know the answer by tomorrow. There are still a lot of humans-in-the-loop, but we’re trying to make the system as automated as possible. (With humans as curators/editors of the AI’s knowledge base.)

We’re aiming for something like this:

Rough Diagram of the Resina AI Workflow

A few fun experiences from today:

  • We must be doing something right, because we already have a few really angry dialogs with people who appear to be major haters of polySpectra (and maybe AI too?)
  • I’ve been having a lot of fun with the combination of GitHub CoPilot and CoPilot quickly tries to autocomplete while Cursor can really do the full-context heavy lifting. These tools are designed for developers (and I am not a developer), but I’m finding them to be really useful for content creation. (See yesterday’s post: ) It’s surprisingly good at coming up with new questions to ask Resina.
  • Very early exploration with the possibility of giving Resina a voice. ElevenLabs is super impressive.