Poe Hackathon at AGI House

Today I have the great privilege of being able to participate in the Poe Hackathon at the infamous AGI House.

I am frankly quite surprised that they would allow a lowly chemist such as myself to participate. I did include links to Resina and my Six Hats Helper chatbot in my application.

I’ve never participated a hackathon before. Most of the products that I have built took five to ten years to get to a minimum viable product, not five to ten hours.

Maybe it’s because I have absolutely no experience in this culture, but I am imagining fierce competition between the “stallions” of the Silicon Valley TV show.

My imagined 'competition' at today's hackathon. Image credit 'lol valley' on YouTube.

Or maybe I’m just going to hang out with a bunch of AI nerds all day. I’m stoked either way.

Here’s what I’m building today…

Offset Monster

Making Carbon Offsets Fun, Conversational, and Contagious

Offset Monster makes carbon offsetting more accessible and viral through a fun, conversational AI bot. After calculating the carbon footprint of anything, Offset Monster makes it easy to buy a corresponding carbon offset for the item/activity in question, on the spot.

Demo: https://poe.com/OffsetMonster

(This link is likely to break repeatedly over the coming hours/days/weeks.)

an offset monster