Ever had one of those days where every decision feels like a brain-bender? Well, we’ve been there and we got you covered. Meet 6 Hats Helper, my latest AI chatbot. But hold on, it’s no ordinary chatbot. It’s like your personal decision-making sidekick, inspired by the genius of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats technique.

Picture this. The 6 Hats Helper is like your own cognitive jiu-jitzu sensei, wearing Blue, White, Red, Black, Yellow, and Green hats, each one representing a different style of thinking. It’s as if you’ve got a team of top-notch thinkers in your head, each bringing their unique perspective to the table, helping you make decisions that cover all bases.

Whether you’re wrestling with a mind-boggling problem or trying to strategize your next big move, the 6 Hats Helper steps in to guide your thought process. It’s like having a structured, multi-angle approach to handling any challenge, right in your pocket.

With the 6 Hats Helper, decision-making isn’t just about ’eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ anymore. It’s a thorough expedition into the world of thoughts. It’s like having an advisory board in your brain, each member giving you a different viewpoint, making sure you’ve got all your angles covered.

Building the 6 Hats Helper was an absolute blast. Thanks to Poe and Claude-2, creating this bot was way easier than I anticipated. (This is my first Poe bot.)

Are you ready to shake up your decision-making game? Put 6 Hats Helper to the test and tell me what you think.

6 Hats Helper