AI doesn't blink

A.I. doesn’t blink. This was the vision of Haley Joel Osment and Steven Spielberg. The red doorknob. The origami unicorn. The subtle tell that is only obvious when it’s too late.

Make sure your friends are blinking.

Where do stories come from?

My friend manifests stories. She doesn’t write them, she writes them down. She has a protocol. She asks for them. From whom? I’m not sure she could tell you exactly, even if she wanted to.

Mommy, where do stories come from?


The very tools that promise to give us superpowers simultaneously (and perhaps necessarily) erode our intrinsic superpowers. If we haven’t yet discovered our innate superpowers, these technologies make it very hard to get quiet enough to notice them. Especially when our tools talk back, they can make it difficult to find time enough (and attention enough) to hone our (super)natural (super)powers.

A child's nightmare

As a small child, I had a recurring nightmare of getting trapped inside of the family computer. It took me more than 30 years to appreciate the wisdom in this dream. It was not the irrational fear of a four year old boy. It was a warning, a prophesy – and it has now come true.

Job with a capital J

What is your Job? (with a capital J) A story more powerful than money. A calling. A vocation. Where did it come from? How did you find it? What is in the way of you doing your Job?

Garbage Truck Mantra

Some days, no matter where you walk, you can’t seem to avoid the garbage trucks

Whose problem?

When someone tells you, “If you don’t do ___, that’s gonna be a problem,” they probably have a problem that they are not telling you about. They see you as the way to solve their problem, even if only psychologically.

Bliss & Rent

Find your bliss, and pay your rent.

…always remember…

Most landlords do not accept bliss for payment, and true bliss is not for sale.