Offset Monster Is Born

Yesterday’s Hackathon was a ton of fun.

I didn’t quite manage to finish the full workflow of Offset Monster in time for the demo, but I forced myself to present my work in progress anyways.

I met a lot of cool folks, got a ton of help from the Poe/Quora team (thank you for your patience), learned about 10 different ways to solve most of the things I was struggling with, and did sucessfully figure out how to deploy my first Poe Server bot.

Poe Hackathon at AGI House

Another time it would be fun to do a retrospective on this whole experience, but honestly I’m too tired.

Today I fixed up one of the missing pieces and now have a functional version of Offset Monster running on Poe. Check it out! This monster is ferocious and will attempt to offset the carbon footprint of anything you feed it.

Offset Monster is live now!

Making Carbon Offsets Fun, Conversational, and Contagious

Offset Monster makes carbon offsetting more accessible and viral through a fun, conversational AI bot. After calculating the carbon footprint of anything, Offset Monster makes it easy to buy a corresponding carbon offset for the item/activity in question, on the spot.