Today I attended Builder’s Roundtable: Generative AI for eCommerce. It was pretty good. 2x it, or, better - get your AI to watch the replay for you.

There were a few interesting ideas on customizing generative AI for eCommerce. Unfortunately I think the OctoAI product still has a long way to go, I frankly was not impressed with the onboarding experience after getting amped up by this webinar.

But one quote stuck with me all day. It has nothing to do with AI:

Find something that you’re really passionate about, find something that you can become the best in the world at, and find something that you can make money doing.

Hikary Senju, Omneky

I think this is fantastic advice for anyone, not just entrepreneurs. A trifecta of how to decide what to work on. (58:39 in the video)

Dalle3 made this diagram. I don't know what the symbol in the middle is, but I think you get the point.