There Will Be Blood - Pt. 1

The date of the surgery was set months in advance, but not the time or location.

A few days in advance, a call was promised to confirm the time and location - but no one called.

No one picked up the phone when they were called, even though there were two separate extension lines, with separate voicemails, one of which was full.

No one picked up the phone during the lunch break, and of course messages cannot be left during the lunch break.

I am desperate for details and less than 24 hours from the surgery.

The first person to pick up the phone got the time correct, but the location wrong.

Finally, someone called the night before the surgery, but the phone number was not the same area code as the hospital.

This person got the location right, but the time wrong.

The pre-op instructions given verbally explicitly contradicted the pre-op package that was sent to the house.

“Drink the ClearFast at 3am.”
“Well maybe midnight would be okay, but don’t drink it within 4 hours of arrival.”

(The bottle says to drink exactly 2 hours before arrival)

“Can I have black coffee?”

(The pre-op checklist says yes)

While the surgery is already underway, someone sends a “secure message” responding to my voicemail, hoping that I go to the right location in time. (But gets the time wrong.)

The one detail that everyone got correct? There will be blood.