This is the prompting course I wish I had taken months ago: It’s free.

Props to Mayo Oshin for the recommendation. (His course Build a ChatGPT Chatbot For Your Data is amazing.)

Why do I wish that I had found this months ago?

After watching it, I realized that many of the AI applications where I thought I would need plug-ins, or special function calling set-ups, or a proprietary/paid solution, etc — these can be solved with better prompting. It’s also helpful to see them build up to more complex use cases, step-by-step.

One of the points that Andrew Ng makes in the intro is that there is no “best prompt for X”. So instead this course teaches you the fundamentals, and more importantly - how to iterate to get to a solution that works for your application.

With these prompting fundamentals and a basic RAG pipeline (which is getting easier and easier every day) - you can really accelerate a ton of business tasks.