Stripe Is Not for Wholesale

Until today, I would have said that Stripe has come a long way since its start as “PayPal for developers”. Despite being valued at almost $100B, the company’s main product still does not offer an option for the most common pricing scheme in the history of the world: the volume discount.

Ironically, you can set up a volume discount for a recurring subscription, but not for a one-time purchase. Apparently no one at this massive company has ever sold physical products, or wants to. The confusing thing is that the “one time” payment option gets automatically converted to “recurring” if you pick “volume” pricing. What is truly hilarious is that Stripe’s customer support has no idea why anyone would ever want to use their product for just a one-time purchase with a volume discount.

I guess you could say that they are staying true to their founding mission: developers only. While I don’t self-identify as a developer, I can tell you that a developer could fix this oversight in about 5 minutes.

I filed a feature request, but I’m not getting my hopes up. After all, I am just a confused manufacturer of physical goods, trying to implement the most ancient of discounts. And manufacturing is only a $11 trillion industry…probably not big enough for anyone at Stripe to care.