My COVID Protocol

I have COVID, for the second time. It’s not fun, but I’m doing 10x better than last time.

Big inflection point: Paxlovid. I got it within 24 hrs of testing positive, and it is clearly keeping everything in check. Horrible metallic taste in my mouth, but I’ll take it. I was initially very skeptical after hearing all of the stories of rebounds, but I gave it a shot after a few friends shared how quickly it helped them recover. Fingers crossed for no rebound or weird complications.

Activity: Slow walking, at least 10,000 steps a day. Sleep as much as possible at night and just let myself nap whenever I’m tired.

Dietary: I’m basically doing a keto diet. Bulletproof coffee, tons of liquids, eggs, avocado, veggies, and meat. I’m not a mouse, but this paper is interesting: “Impaired ketogenesis ties metabolism to T cell dysfunction in COVID-19.” Nature.


  1. Natrol - Melatonin Sleep
  2. Host Defense - MyCommunity
  3. Host Defense - Stamets 7 Extract
  4. Zicam
  5. Bulletproof - Greens
  6. Dr. Mercola - Liposomal Vitamin C
  7. Jarrow Formulas - Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS
  8. Franguly - Liposomal Vitamin B
  9. Doctor’s Best - Vitamin D3 5000 IU
  10. NOW - Quercetin with Bromelain

P.S. - I got GPT4V to make the list of these supplements from a single photo. Unfortunately, both Bing and ChatGPT refuse to find product links on Amazon. For that I had to switch to Bard, and then fix about half of them manually…oh well.