LLM Prompting Goldmine

Remember the story about the McDonald’s at the top of the volcano?

Well it erupted. (…and I sincerely hope that you didn’t quit your job to make custom GPTs for a living.)

A few people figured out how to trick the custom GPTs that are starting to roll out to the app store into revealing their prompt instructions.

The result is hands-down the most comprehensive and high quality repository of prompts that I have ever found: https://github.com/linexjlin/GPTs

For additional context, many of these are “professionally-created”, bringing in thousands of dollars a month in revenue sharing to their creators. I’ve shared elsewhere that I think it’s a terrible idea to try to be selling AI products right now, this is case-in-point. It has a nice parallel with the “AI as electricity” riff - once you know how to do the magic trick, it’s pretty hard to keep other people from copying you! (and very quickly everyone will expect it to be essentially free.)

P.S. - If you want to learn prompting more formally, this is the best course I’ve found: https://learn.deeplearning.ai/chatgpt-prompt-eng/

P.P.S - Hat tip to Mayo as usual. Sign up for his newsletter and you won’t need me.