Part of what originally drew me to 3D printing was the theme of commuting between the digital and physical realms. When I first started, I knew nothing about CAD, a category of software that continues to frustrated me to this day. (I’m just not into graphical programming languages.)

There are a few cool new tools that I’ve been playing with that make commuting between the physical to digital worlds a little easier. Two that I’m really into right now are Commonsense Machines ( and Luma AI from LumaLabs. Both companies offer text-to-3D and video-to-3D. CSM also offers 2D-to-3D, which is getting better every month.

A couple of Christmases ago, I accidentally ended up on the bleeding edge of web-based Augmented Reality. What I thought would be pretty straightforward involved hiring and firing at least 3 different professional WebAR developers. But we ended up building polySpectra AR - which I still think is pretty nifty. The idea was to give users a free massless preview of their .STL, before they would upload it to a 3D printer or 3D printing service.

Fast forward to this morning, something clicked and I realized that we could pretty quickly tweak polySpectra AR to give users a completely CAD-free workflow to both visualize 3D models and then manufacture them with 3D printing.

CSM AI B2B polySpectra AR

Here’s a rough demo of the workflow for .obj files, which currently doesn’t support color/texture, but hopefully will soon. GLB files currently look the best. Give the recently updated polySpectra AR a try!

P.S. - Your feedback would be appreciated =>